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Crowsnest Practice Space Information

Crowsnest practice space is a 300 sq ft sound treated room designed for music rehearsals, writing, recording, and video. located in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.  Sound system is provided.  


About The Crowsnest

Turn it up at The Crowsnest, on your own or with a band. This 300 sq ft sound-treated room designed for music rehearsals, writing, recording, and video. Located in a safe neighborhood with privacy and plenty of parking for cars and even touring vehicles. This sound proof space located just 10 minutes south of downtown Saint Paul in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota can be rented monthly, daily, and is available by reservations only. 


22x 13.5 x 8 ft
300 sq ft

Sound System provided:

4 monitor mixes
26 channel mixer
2 microphones, cables, and microphone stands provided
(more microphones and cables available upon request)


  • Supported by REDBULL. Enjoy FREE RED BULL, water, soda, and 3M ear plugs

  • Easy load in/ load out

  • Wi-Fi

  • Temporary storage for road cases outside of practice room

  • 6 moving goboes

  • Acoustical wall treatments


  • Drums

  • Guitar Amps

  • Bass Guitar Cabinet

  • Bass Guitar Head

  • Speakers

  • Microphones

  • Microphone Stands

  • XLR Cables

  • 1/4 inch Cables

  • Direct Boxes

  • Lights

  • Tables

  • Bathroom/Shower

Call for pricing on additional options.


A Note From the Owner of The Crowsnest

I spent many years dreaming of a place to rehearse/record/jam with my friends where I didn't have to worry about how loud we were. This is how The Crowsnest came to life... 

My education is in Recording Arts. I've been involved in the music industry in one way or another for over 19 years. I've spent a lot of time touring nationally and overseas. Through music I've had a lot of unique experiences and met a lot of amazing individuals, including my wife. We decided to settle down in suburbs to raise our family, but having a music space was essential. Being a professional drummer and a stay at home dad, I needed a place to be creative and make some noise close to home. I decided to build a rehearsal studio on my property for my own personal projects I was involved with. In between my projects, I was able to open up The Crowsnest to other creative minds. The Crowsnest space has and continues to be a place I personally love and has served my needs well. Since renting out the space I have had the pleasure of opening the doors to many talented musicians from all different backgrounds and levels of experience. I welcome all styles of music and am open to every creative form.

If you choose The Crowsnest for your music needs, my goal is to make it as comfortable and as functional an experience for you as possible.

This website includes only basic guidelines of what is offered. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have. I'd be happy to hear from you!  

Thank you,