Crowsnerst Practice Space complimentary extras

Crowsnest practice space is a 300 sq ft sound treated room designed for music rehearsals, writing, recording, and video.  Crowsnest offers complimentary RedBull and 3M earplugs for all groups renting the practice space



From local artists to national touring groups we all look for a comfortable place to be creative and feel at home. The Crowsnest is a full experience you get to have while enjoying these complimentary extras. RedBull and 3M have donated product to The Crowsnest so you can enjoy your time here.



Enjoy five different flavors of RedBull at The Crowsnest. RedBull is a great supporter of The Crowsnest and wants to make sure you have wings to maximize your rehearsal.


3M ear Plugs

We offer FREE 3M ear plugs to anyone using The Crowsnest. 3M has generously supplied The Crowsnest and makes it easy to protect your hearing.

Drum Mics.jpg


FREE parking is located at the bottom of a sloped driveway just steps away from the entrance to The Crowsnest. We have plenty of parking space even for large touring vehicles.


Break area

Taking a break from rehearsal is enjoyable in a separate lounge area with complimentary water, RedBull, and soda. Play darts and feel free to check into The Crowsnest using our free Wi-Fi.